Saturday, June 29, 2013

My crushy crush

I have been very shy and conscious these past few months. I dont know, maybe its just that I'm very bothered whenever I see my crush outside and sometimes looking at me...He's been my crush since I was still 14y/o and now that I'm 29y/o I started to realize that he's still my crush.gosh! But he's already married. I dont know why he still always looking at me. And I have observed that whenever he's with his wife, they always look serious. Seriously talking outside or seriously sitting..Like they dont really share jokes and laugh..And I have observed that his wife frowns a lot. And they are not sweet with each other. Or maybe not.

I also confessed this to my boyfriend. Confessed that I have a crush. And he just laughed because he understand. I liked it whenever I talked about it with my boyfriend...

I just hope I'm not that bothered and conscious anymore whenever I see him.

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