Saturday, January 26, 2013

On youtube, makeup and friends

I have been with youtube since 2009. Whenever I surf the internet I always watch different music videos on youtube. i can spend my half day watching youtube videos. I love youtube.

But since November 2012, I began loving makeup and youtube helped me in developing my love for makeup as a beginner. I always say "I dont have much makeup" but I really dont have much of it. I only have BB cream, lipstick and a cheap eyeshadow palette which I bought from Daiso. compared to other girls which has a lot of makeup collection. Im always wondering, what are they going to do with lots of makeup? As we all know makeup has expirations too.

In youtube, I discovered different kinds of "gurus" (if that's what they call it). The Makeup Guru-they will teach you about different kinds of makeup, tutorial, hauls, swatches. The Beauty? Fashion Guru, DIY Guru and Cooking Guru. Amazing!!!

Whenever Im subscribed with someone on youtube, I always see to it to be friends with them. But attitude depends on the person. Some are snob...Super snob.. They'll just ignore you. But some are very friendly. I gained many friends form United Kingdom, we always message each other and communicate on twitter. Some from Netherland, United States, Australia, Germany and many more. Exchanging messages in youtube made me realized that gaining friends abroad is possible.

And I am very thankful for being friends with them ♥