Sunday, September 29, 2013

too cool for school

Because I have been wanting to buy the too cool for school makeup BB cream but I doesn't have the time to go to SM North Edsa or SM Moa, I just bought the too cool for school samples online. Here are the cute box and the little samples of the BB Cream and other kinds of makeup..Hopefully I can buy it anytime soon and I'll definitely make a review about it.

The seller gave me a freebies and a card. As you can see in the picture the Tokidoki is included. I actually took this picture for my instagram..Sorry..

Tokidoki for Smashbox palette

I have been a fan of Tokidoki since I first saw this on the mall. I love the japanese drawings of it. And since then, I always wanted to have this Tokidoki thing like bag or shirt or even makeup.

So I searched it in the internet if I could find a Tokidoki eyeshadow palette. And thankfully I saw this on ebay. I bought it being the last one available on that seller's store.

Tokidoki for Smashbox Celebrita. I really loved the packaging. So cute and handy. You can bring it anywhere. And I love the shades. It's so glittery or shimmery. But its not that pigmented.

Also, I like the mirror because of the cute angel and the stars at the lower part of the mirror.

I do love to use it because of the packaging and the size of it is very handy. But the shade is not that pigmented. But I still love it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

iWhite Korea

I discovered this iWhite through another blogger who did a review about this product. And what I love about it is the good feedback I have been reading from netizens. So I excitedly bought a sachet type of it. Because apparently I have a full size moisturizer and a facial cleanser.

You should try this.

September Haul

Here are the stuff I bought this month of September. I not bragging or anything. I just want to share some of it because this is my first haul for this year I think. And I have decided to have a monthly haul for my blog.

 These two Asian Secrets which I bought buy one take one.. I was originally going to buy it in a 1 piece. But then again I saw these buy one take one.

 These Koji San. I love this soap. I have been using it since 2007. Because I really want to have a whiter skin. And these helped me a lot.

 When I'm tried and lazy enough to wash my face. I just use this Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser. And I also loved the Maxi Peel Exfoliating Soap. What I love about this soap is it has a small beads that really helped in washing your skin. And the smooth effect after taking a bath.

 Close Up

This Maybelline BB cream. I have been using this since many years back... I dont know why it is upside down but when I originally uploaded this picture it is normal..

 I was going to buy an alcohol. I grabbed it and put it in the push cart but when I went to the middle aisle of the sale section I saw these two. So I picked it up and returned the alcohol.

 I really dont know why this is upside down..gosh! I also bought these container cause I was planning to put some alcohol or facial mist, moisturizer or BB cream in it. And the two small violet containers, I was planning to put a BB cream inside of it.

And the total was Php 1000.00

Friend mail

Through youtube I have gained so many friends from different parts of the world. Discovered many things that I havent heard before. Learned many things and their culture. And I recently received a package from U.K. She was my friend from my youtube channel. She gave me a letter with a free sample of Avon lipstick and perfume.. She is so sweet and thoughtful. She also gave me a bronzer. Which I still dont know how to use.. I'm very thankful for having her a my friend.

After being gone...

I have been busy this past few months.. Because I finally came back with my old work.... And I always came home late....

The only things I can do is instagram. Updating by taking pictures. I missed watching youtube, doing DIY's, joining competitions and a lot more. Which I have been doing the last 4 months. And Im still in an adjustment period on how I can manage doing blogs, joining competitions while doing my work.

Many thoughts came to my head every now and then.. Things which I should be writing in my blog. But instead I'm drowning myself with my work by always doing overtime.. I hate it but at the same time I have to. I have to earn money for myself. To save, to buy things and to do what I love to do..