Saturday, July 6, 2013

Basketball Wives Earrings

I got this earrings from my friend at Canada. It was a basketball wives earrings. At first, I didn't know why they call it basketball wives earrings. But some says it was originated from the Series Basketball Wives. Where the wives always wear this huge hoops earrings. That's why they called it Basketball Wives Earrings.

You can use it with your plain shirt and pants because the earrings really stands out. I love the design of it. Hopefully I can buy many earrings like this one.


Im in a confused state of mind today. I have received a text from my old officemate and she asked me to come back to work with them. I resigned because I felt they didn't treated me fairly. I worked there for almost 5 years. Since the department I have worked for was a complete mess. We organized it but then my new boss didn't treat me/us fairly. And now, since for the fourth time; anyone they employed in my position reigned they realized to recruit me again.

Should I accept it?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Having a long hair

Lately, I have been wanting to have a long hair. A waist length hair. I want to feel my hair around me when I sit. My hair length is just below my breast. I know I'm weird because I'm the type of girl who is not contented with one hairstyle. Its either I cut my hair layered or I cut my bangs.

On surfing

They say " Surfer Girls are hot! " I think its true. It is one of my frustrations to learn how to surf. But sadly, I can't swim. That's why I have decided to take a swimming lessons. So I can surf one day. I also want to try wakeboarding.

I love the thrill of it. I know soon I'm going to learn it..

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My dream places

I always dreamed of going to different places where I can freely roam around without limitations on my actions. Of course, without limitations in a good way.

My dream places are:





Germany, Scotland, Ireland and many more.

Foreign places which are very open minded on things and outfits. Different cultures, cold weather, snow, food and many friends. I want to live my life out there even for a few years. Being independent. Just on my own.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Soap & Glory Hand Food

I recently got this Soap & Glory Hand Food for my hands. Because lately I felt like my hands are dry. But I really hate putting and rubbing something greasy on my hands. So I tried this Hand Food. It smells really good especially when you put it on your hands. I love the smell of it and it softens my hands. 

What I love about it:
-Its non-greasy
-smells like shea butter, macademia oil and marshmallow
-it softens the skin
-it smoothens the skin
-cute packaging