Sunday, November 3, 2013

Collective Sample Room Haul

Ever since I registered to SampleRoom, I was able to purchase many high end products which I wasnt even expecting to try because it is very expensive.

These past few months, I have been visiting Sample Room's page and my email for an update from them. And the moment I saw the new products update, I hurriedly visited their page to grab the latest products to try. Aghmm, not being OA but as you know, there are only few numbers available on that certain product. So here are the products I had purchased.

I even joined the instagram contest.

I also purchased the Charm Powder Brush. Which I really love the most. Of all the products I had purchased from Sample Room. The original price was Php 399.00.

I love this Charm Brush because it is very soft. It is easy to apply on my face. And I love the color. I used this brush as a blush brush. Although Sample Room said it is a powder brush.

And the last product I had purchased was The Vidal Sassoon.

The package came in this lovely paper bag with Sample Room sticker on it.

I love the smell of it. And the packaging of the shampoo and conditioner. But the original price is very expensive for me.

And I'm still looking forward to purchase more from Sample Room. If you want to try Sample Room, just comment below your email address and I'll refer you to Sample Room. Or email me at

Monday, October 28, 2013

The BDJ Fair 2013

I have always been a fan of Belle de Jour Planner. I love the packaging of it and the coupons attached on the planner itself. So when I heard about the BDJ Fair, I quickly emailed Belle de Jour for a reservation. It was a first come first served slot for the talk. The talk consists of different topics.But I only have to choose two topics to attend.


I chose the Get Fit and Be Empowered and Create your Own Beauty Statement. But unfortunately I just attended the Get Fit and Be Empowered which was very enjoyable because we had to dance zumba and belly dancing. Jill Ngo which was the speaker of that talk taught us the basics of Zumba and Belly dancing. I really enjoyed it and the people who attended that talk. It was fun and we just laughed the whole time and learned many things from her also.

It was a very fun experience. I also got the loot bag. With lots of freebies. Also, the BDJ Fair has many booths. Where you can enjoy freebies and enjoy playing games.

 I also joined the contest on their facebook account. And I won this cute Forget Me Not Journal. 

And the loot bag and other freebies I received on the fair.

Im looking forward to attend the BDJ Fair next time.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

too cool for school

Because I have been wanting to buy the too cool for school makeup BB cream but I doesn't have the time to go to SM North Edsa or SM Moa, I just bought the too cool for school samples online. Here are the cute box and the little samples of the BB Cream and other kinds of makeup..Hopefully I can buy it anytime soon and I'll definitely make a review about it.

The seller gave me a freebies and a card. As you can see in the picture the Tokidoki is included. I actually took this picture for my instagram..Sorry..

Tokidoki for Smashbox palette

I have been a fan of Tokidoki since I first saw this on the mall. I love the japanese drawings of it. And since then, I always wanted to have this Tokidoki thing like bag or shirt or even makeup.

So I searched it in the internet if I could find a Tokidoki eyeshadow palette. And thankfully I saw this on ebay. I bought it being the last one available on that seller's store.

Tokidoki for Smashbox Celebrita. I really loved the packaging. So cute and handy. You can bring it anywhere. And I love the shades. It's so glittery or shimmery. But its not that pigmented.

Also, I like the mirror because of the cute angel and the stars at the lower part of the mirror.

I do love to use it because of the packaging and the size of it is very handy. But the shade is not that pigmented. But I still love it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

iWhite Korea

I discovered this iWhite through another blogger who did a review about this product. And what I love about it is the good feedback I have been reading from netizens. So I excitedly bought a sachet type of it. Because apparently I have a full size moisturizer and a facial cleanser.

You should try this.

September Haul

Here are the stuff I bought this month of September. I not bragging or anything. I just want to share some of it because this is my first haul for this year I think. And I have decided to have a monthly haul for my blog.

 These two Asian Secrets which I bought buy one take one.. I was originally going to buy it in a 1 piece. But then again I saw these buy one take one.

 These Koji San. I love this soap. I have been using it since 2007. Because I really want to have a whiter skin. And these helped me a lot.

 When I'm tried and lazy enough to wash my face. I just use this Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser. And I also loved the Maxi Peel Exfoliating Soap. What I love about this soap is it has a small beads that really helped in washing your skin. And the smooth effect after taking a bath.

 Close Up

This Maybelline BB cream. I have been using this since many years back... I dont know why it is upside down but when I originally uploaded this picture it is normal..

 I was going to buy an alcohol. I grabbed it and put it in the push cart but when I went to the middle aisle of the sale section I saw these two. So I picked it up and returned the alcohol.

 I really dont know why this is upside down..gosh! I also bought these container cause I was planning to put some alcohol or facial mist, moisturizer or BB cream in it. And the two small violet containers, I was planning to put a BB cream inside of it.

And the total was Php 1000.00

Friend mail

Through youtube I have gained so many friends from different parts of the world. Discovered many things that I havent heard before. Learned many things and their culture. And I recently received a package from U.K. She was my friend from my youtube channel. She gave me a letter with a free sample of Avon lipstick and perfume.. She is so sweet and thoughtful. She also gave me a bronzer. Which I still dont know how to use.. I'm very thankful for having her a my friend.

After being gone...

I have been busy this past few months.. Because I finally came back with my old work.... And I always came home late....

The only things I can do is instagram. Updating by taking pictures. I missed watching youtube, doing DIY's, joining competitions and a lot more. Which I have been doing the last 4 months. And Im still in an adjustment period on how I can manage doing blogs, joining competitions while doing my work.

Many thoughts came to my head every now and then.. Things which I should be writing in my blog. But instead I'm drowning myself with my work by always doing overtime.. I hate it but at the same time I have to. I have to earn money for myself. To save, to buy things and to do what I love to do..

Monday, August 19, 2013

My instagram

Yes! Finally, I got my instagram. I know its very late but its better late than never.... haha!
Im an instagrammer.. Please follow me . I have been uploading many pictures on my instagram. I love it.

My other blogsite "The Cat Lady My My"

I made another blogsite called "The Cat Lady My My". My more personal blogsite about myself and other updates about me.

I have been busy this past months because I already have a job. I came back with my old job. But this time I felt renewed. I know sometimes I feel stressed but thats a part of the job. Atleast I'm earning again.

Im more motivated this time. Maybe because I took my vacation and had a one year rest.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Basketball Wives Earrings

I got this earrings from my friend at Canada. It was a basketball wives earrings. At first, I didn't know why they call it basketball wives earrings. But some says it was originated from the Series Basketball Wives. Where the wives always wear this huge hoops earrings. That's why they called it Basketball Wives Earrings.

You can use it with your plain shirt and pants because the earrings really stands out. I love the design of it. Hopefully I can buy many earrings like this one.