Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Classical Songs

Andrew Sisters, Nancy Sinatra, The Shirelles, The Ronettes.

Im proud to say that I love classical music. During 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.I think these are the music during the war. World War 2. Where some people use their talent to entertain people and soldiers.
The lyrics in Rhum and  Coca Cola by The Andrew Sisters as what they say reflects how people live and earn during those difficult times. They say it involves prostitution in exchange for food.

I love the sound of their music. I think it helps lessen the pain of the people by listening to it. The hairstyles, the outfit, thee dance and the voice. Love it.

I hope I could still hear these songs on the radio.

Monday, March 11, 2013

On Youtube Giveaway Scammers :(

I started entering Youtube giveaways last October 2012 and on that month I didn't win. Even though I didnt win, I still entered many Youtube giveaways until I won last November 2012 as a runner up. I was so happy cause the prizes I had won was not even available here in our country.

So every month I joined the giveaways. Sometimes I won but unfortunately, they just announced my name on their Youtube Channel. But many months passed by I still haven't received the package. I messaged her. She said she already sent it to me. Or I'll message her my address and she will not reply..
Gosh Scammers!!!!...Get lost!!!

I think I was scammed many times.. Its either they will not send you the prizes or they will not announce the winners..

Everytime I win, I messaged them my name, my address with my cellphone number and I request for a tracking number so I can track it on the mail...

On a brighter side of it, whenever I won, I still communicate with them, keeping in touch with them. And watch their videos.

I know Karma is now digital..I hope Karma will get them.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mourning for my cat "Kaji"

Loosing a beloved pet is very difficult. It made me stopped caring and mourned for many days.

Kaji is my 8 years old cat. My super close cat. He sleeps beside me. Eat beside me and wherever I am in the house, he always follows me and sit & sleep beside me.

When he was going to die, I cried hard and sleep beside him but when he saw me crying,  he fought for his life just to live a few more hours. Its very hurtful to see my beloved cat struggling. He's trembling with pain and I couldn't do anything to ease his pain.

So before he died, I just kissed him and hug him tight. I didn't cry cause I know the cat angels will be there for him. And my beloved cats who died when I was growing up will be there for my cat Kaji.

But its very difficult cause I felt lonely like something is missing. So the day after, I was sent to the hospital cause my health worsen. I don't have an appetite to eat. i couldn't sleep. I also stopped joining giveaways and didn't care anymore. I mourned. I cried. I miss my cat "Kaji". But I know my cat doesn't want to see me like this.

So now, Im slowly helping myself to recover. I take my medicines and vitamins for my health. I also tried entering again the giveaway. And I always talk to my cat "Kaji" in my mind. I know he's a cat angel and will always be there to watch and guide me.

I always and will always love you my beloved cat "Kaji" ♥

Thanks for everything.
I love you so much ♥.