Saturday, December 29, 2012

A gift from my mom

When I was 12 years old and studying in a religious school, I was amazed looking at the rosary. Every time our school asked us to buy a rosary which was made by the children in the orphanage, I buy it immediately. I bought 5 pieces of it. Because the money will be given back to the children for their food, clothing etc.

So I started collecting rosary. And every rosary I bought, I placed it in our altar. Then my boss who went to Rome bought us a rosary as a gift from her trip..A rosary which was already blessed.

Last year my mom's gift to us was a prayer book. It guided me cause it is an everyday prayer book...I always read it and relfect.

Now, my mom gave me a rosary. I was very happy cause I know I will surely use it in the future and it will be one of my precious treasure...

Affordable Gift for Christmas

My mom and I went to Daiso-St. Francis Square. It is a store with cheap goods. A japanese store which sell  affordable makeup, organizer, or anything that can be used at home for only Php 66.00 or Php 88.00.

I bought a three layered drawer. You can use it to store your makeup or stuff that you want. I bought this for a gift Php 88.00.

Bought a teapot with drainer on it. You can use it when you want to drink calamansi juice, or fresh orange juice. It will separate the seeds on it. Php 88.00.

I also bought a headphone foam. 3 pairs for Php 66.00. I have been looking for it since 10 years ago cause my 15 year old headphone's foam (which i treasure) got broken because its super old. I was so happy to see the foam from an unexpected store..So happy.

I also bought a small calculator, a scatch tape dispenser for only Php 66.00.

So that is the few stuff i bought from Daiso. I will definitely go back.. i love that store :).

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sephora Beauty Insider

                                                                           (i do not own the picture)

Im a proud Sephora Beauty Insider. You can also join. Signup for free :)

Sephora Travel Kit Brush Set

It was given to me by my boss last 2010 when she went to U.S for a business trip. A travel sized brush set from Sephora. I always bring it with me. Its handy, its cute, small and the packaging is very classy.

                                                                 (i do not own the picture)

The brushes are a very soft, it blends well and looks luxurious. A must have on your list.

To know about Sephora, Just go to their website 

Happy Shopping ♥♥♥

Wet n Wild Red Lipstick

Wet n Wild is one of my favorite makeup brand. The colors are very pigmented and it smells good.

I have been collecting wet N Wild since last year. I think they dont sell it here in the department store. You have to purchase it online. The color last longer on my lips.

I am planning to buy more in the future.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Nichido Makeup Remover

Its not really my plan to buy Nichido Makeup Remover because I was going to buy Elf makeup remover. but because Elf makeup remover is out of stock and Revlon makeup remover is out of stock also. I had no choice but to buy Nichido makeup remover.

My first impression:
♥ its unscented - its okay
♥ it says non greasy - well its oily..i hate oily stuff that it put on my face. its like you're going to cook egg on my face. :(
♥ you have to rinse it off with water..

But what I like about it is it moisturizes my skin.

Maybelline BB Cream

I found out about BB Creams thru kpop. Being a kpop lover. (2NE1, Bigbang!!!wooh!!) I always hear them saying they just put a BB Cream and it gives them a smooth blemish free skin.

I have been using BB Cream since 2010. Sometimes when Im lazy I just put on BB Cream and a lipstick. It is one of my must have.

BB Cream  - brightens the skin.
                  - covers imperfections
                  - moisturizes
                  - helps protect skin from UV rays
                  - it has SPF 26
                  - it conceals
                  - smoothens
                  - protects skin.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

                                                              ( i do not own the picture ) 

My first ever lipstick was Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Love that Red which was given to me by my mom when her cousin just arrived from U.S. I couldn't wear the lipstick that time cause it is very red and I'm shy. Until my officemate noticed my red lipstick on my makeup bag. And she said I should try using it.

                                                        (i do not own the picture)
When I first used it, many of my officemates noticed it and they said red lipstick suits me because it has a blooming effect on my face.

Now I bought Revlon Colorburst Lipstick - True Red. It moistuizes also my lips at the same time. They are on sale. Im planning to buy another red lipstick from Revlon. The Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick -Stellar Sunrise.It last longer. So I dont have to put lipstick after I drink something.

LA Girl Mineral Eyeshadow

Now that I'm seriously loving makeup. I decided to buy LA Girl Eyeshadow.

Im not really a fan of eyeshadows because I always think that as a chinky-eyed girl the eyeshadow will just hide underneath my crease plus I dont even own a primer.

As I was walking to the Elf cosmetics, the slaeslady from LA Girl approached me and did my makeup. I fell inlove with the color of LA Girl's eyeshadow. The saleslady taught me how to contour and the proper application on my crease area. The color is nice.

You can use it at school or in the office because the color is neutral and simple. And it really stands out. Its also a  mineral eyeshadow. Check it out cause they're on sale when I bought mine.

Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich

I found this box of Hansel at a grocery when I was looking for a cheese filled sandwich/biscuit. I love Hansel because of its soft like biscuit. And it taste good compared to other cheese flavors sandwich/biscuits. So I bought two of it whenever I go to the office. I shared the other box with my officemates and I was surprised with their reaction because they love it also. They even asked where I bought the Hanzel Premium because it was their first time tasting it.

So we went to SM grocery near our office and my officemates bought two boxes.

I recommend it to you. You must try it... Its really yummy :) 

Chicken Mcnuggets.

I really craved for it since last last month. I did'nt have the time to stop by Mcdonalds. Because everytime I go there, I always see many students falling in line. :(

And finally, I bought the Mcnuggets. I love it because you can eat it with rice or with fries. I always order Mcnuggets whenever I go there. Im sure you have tried it too.

What is your favorite when you order at Mcdonalds?

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Saizen-Ali Mall

Last November 26, 2012, I went to Ali Mall and I saw Saizen. I was amazed because I saw different kinds of makeup. Where I could'nt find in other Saizen branches. I even saw a small t-shirt for dogs Php 88.00 and tools for gardening. So I bought round cottons Php 66.00, eyeshadow palette which is Php 88.00 and a blush Php 88.00.

This is the first time that I bought a cheap eyeshadow palette and a blush. But before I bought the makeup, I searched first if it is okay to try them or I'll just regret it. But as I read the feedback about the makeup, they said it is good and very pigmented. they even compared it to UK makeup.

Now, Im using the blush and it really is good in the cheeks and also the eyeshadow palette. My mom even used it in her Christmas party. Cause the glittery effect is good especially at night time.

I would definitely recommend this especially if you are in a tight budget or just starting discovering makeup. I will still buy the other eyeshadow palette and other makeup maybe soon.

Free Spay and Neuter of PAWS

I learned about the program last 2011. I was desperately looking for a solution to prevent my cats from being pregnant. I have 16 cats.

I searched the internet about free spay and neuter program. I checked the veterinary clinic and wow! its expensive. I don't have the money to bring them all in a veterinary clinic.

So as I read many articles about spay and neuter programs local and abroad, I accidentally read an article of Philippine Animal Welfare Society about free spay and neuter program for those family who doesnt have enough money to spay and neuter their pet. It may be a dog or a cat.

Last 2011, I brought my 6 cats then this year 2012, I brought my 5 cats.

Thanks PAWS for helping us.

Im starting to love gosh!!!

Urban Decay, Lime Crime, Kryolan, Too Faced, Mac, Sigma Brushes.. You name it and I love it!!

I think Im a late bloomer. I officially started loving makeup just last year and I am 28y/o. (sooo old). And Im not that serious that time. Now Im 29y/o I think Im getting serious in loving makeup. I even bought a cabinet to store my makeup.

My must have: a red lipstick; I love red lipsticks, BB cream and blushes. Though Im just "seriously" starting, I fell inlove with:

                                                                      (i dont own the picture shown)  

I sooo love Nyx. 

                                                                  (i dont own the picture shown)  
I also love Naked Palette. The shades are very pigmented. You can make a simple makeup to smokey eyes.

That's why I think I'll buy more makeup and makeup organizer. And even thinking of ordering online :)