Monday, May 27, 2013

Ellefar Multi Cheek Professional Make-up Artists

Bought a blush makeup at Saizen-Ali Mall. I dont usually buy cheap makeup cause it might irritate my skin. But when I saw the different kinds of blushes, I just picked it up and bought it. I chose the pink shade of it. Which at that time I was confused cause I dont know what shade to buy. Should I buy the pink blush which shade is much lighter than my skin or the orange blush which shade is darker than my skin. So I bought the pink blush..

When the cover is open.

When I used it, I was very surprised because it really suits my skin. Its just like I have a naturally rosy cheeks. And it glows on my skin. It is very pigmented. It has a shimmer effect. I love it.

 My first impressions:

1. Its cheap.
2. It shimmers on my skin.
3. It stays longer than I expected.
4. It brightens my skin.
5. It doesn't irritate my skin.
6. It is very pigmented.

I would definitely buy it again.

OMG Oh My Golly Nail Polish

Last month, me and my family went on a vacation at our province which is Bicol. When we went to the mall to buy something my sister noticed the very cute and cheap nail polish which is a crystal sand. Its like you put a glitters on you nail polish. She bought it cause it is very cheap. I think it is Php 18.00 each.

At first, she bought the crystal sand Opal. When she tried it, it was very nice. So we went back to the mall and she bought the different shades that are available on the store.

We loved it. Its like the nail polish of a high end product in other country plus it is cheap.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

On fishing fishing

When I was young, I saw this different kinds of lures at my dad's bag.. Small fishy stuff with hooks on it. Sometimes its like a squid or a worm. But I haven't seen his fishing rod...

Just this year 2013, my boyfriend asked me about fishing rods, lures and fishing gears. I was surprised cause I didn't expect that he likes fishing. So I asked him since when he liked fishing, he said since he was small and he was also surprised when I talked about different kinds of lures, the use of it and the fishing rods. He also said he joined a group called "Anglers".

My boyfriend together with his office mate enjoyed fishing on weekends.

I support him cause I know he's happy. And I'm thankful that he supports my hobbies too.

A few of his lures...

He caught three fishes.

He cooked it..So yummy..

I hope next time I can do fishing with him... I just couldn't find my dad's fishing rod..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life is a never ending change..

There is nothing permanent in this world except for change... Changing for the better or changing for the worse. But at the end of the day we have to learn.And realize something.Life has a lesson..You may not learn right now but as time passes by you'll slowly learn something and discover something new. All things has a purpose when you're feeling down right now, you may feel happy tomorrow.. who knows?

Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, Kpop Girl Groups of year 2009 made a comeback this year 2013.. Having a fierce, strong stage presence and stellar performance. 4 Minute, T'ara's N4, Secret finally made a comeback at Korea's music show. Its nice to see them dancing and singing. Dancing and singing like a pro. Its like its year 2009 again. While their fans are celebrating for their comeback, we blackjacks are hurting...waiting and waiting and waiting for 2NE1's comeback. Hope afterschool and f(x) make a comeback too. Cause I love to watch all the famous girl groups of 2009 perform together this year..Just hoping...

So hurt 2

As I reminisced and re-think about all the happy things and problems we had been through, I decided to still continue loving him. Despite the things we are experiencing now. I would rather love someone with all my heart rather than having many regrets of what I didn't do. I may end up hurting or I may end up happy. But I still believe all things has a purpose and limitations too. Still praying that everything will be alright in God's perfect time.