Sunday, April 28, 2013

So hurt..

Being with someone for many years doesn't give you an assurance that he'll stay with you forever; that he'll love you endlessly..Even married couples still end up in divorce..Nothing is permanent in this world..One day you're happy and the other day you're sad.

Maybe there are people who are LUCKY in love and the one's who are very UNLUCKY in love. Others prefer to be alone..Like single for life and its not an option...Its a Choice..But they are very satisfied with their life. I know sometimes they feel alone...Just like the saying goes.. " No man is an island ". But they have their loved ones in their life...

As for me, Im still not sure if I'll end up being with someone or maybe I'll end up being alone too.. I loved someone for many years but this person is so confusing. Maybe he's choice is to be single for life... So what's the point of us being in a relationship. Im getting old, we're not teenagers anymore.. Some of our friends are happily married or with kids already.

I'll just keep myself busy. Doing my hobbies. And pray that I'll be better as days goes by...

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