Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am a Blackjack

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I am a fan of 2NE1
And I am a Blackjack

2NE1 is a famous korean girl group which debuted last May 2009. They won many awards.
They are known to be the "fiercest foursome". Has always shown girl power with swag and known for being a fashionista.

Not your typical "girly girl" girl group. They also have a reality show called 2NE1TV . I always watch 2NE1TV. They are very funny especially BOM and Dara. Although they are the oldest in the group, they are very funny, immature and playful. I cant stop laughing everytime I watch the show.
2NE1TV showed their real personality On-Cam or Off-Cam. On Stage or Off Stage. With makeup or without makeup

I also loved watching their concert 2NE1 Nolza concert. So, one day I went to my bf's house and I have 2NE1 Nolza concert DVD. I asked him if it's ok if I watch a concert of 2NE1. While I excitedly amazedly watching the concert, I noticed him watching also beside me. And then he said "all their songs are beautiful" and he even asked me if he could borrow the dvd. I smiled and said "sure". And that's the start of him being a fan also of 2NE1. The other night he told me that he watched all the videos of 2NE1 on youtube.

I was really happy because I did'nt expect him to like 2NE1. Knowing him being my guitarman and my rocker bf.

For now, Im just waiting for their comeback and the schedule of the World Evolution Concert here in the Philippines. And now I can say that me and my bf are a blackjack.

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