Monday, March 11, 2013

On Youtube Giveaway Scammers :(

I started entering Youtube giveaways last October 2012 and on that month I didn't win. Even though I didnt win, I still entered many Youtube giveaways until I won last November 2012 as a runner up. I was so happy cause the prizes I had won was not even available here in our country.

So every month I joined the giveaways. Sometimes I won but unfortunately, they just announced my name on their Youtube Channel. But many months passed by I still haven't received the package. I messaged her. She said she already sent it to me. Or I'll message her my address and she will not reply..
Gosh Scammers!!!!...Get lost!!!

I think I was scammed many times.. Its either they will not send you the prizes or they will not announce the winners..

Everytime I win, I messaged them my name, my address with my cellphone number and I request for a tracking number so I can track it on the mail...

On a brighter side of it, whenever I won, I still communicate with them, keeping in touch with them. And watch their videos.

I know Karma is now digital..I hope Karma will get them.

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