Friday, March 8, 2013

Mourning for my cat "Kaji"

Loosing a beloved pet is very difficult. It made me stopped caring and mourned for many days.

Kaji is my 8 years old cat. My super close cat. He sleeps beside me. Eat beside me and wherever I am in the house, he always follows me and sit & sleep beside me.

When he was going to die, I cried hard and sleep beside him but when he saw me crying,  he fought for his life just to live a few more hours. Its very hurtful to see my beloved cat struggling. He's trembling with pain and I couldn't do anything to ease his pain.

So before he died, I just kissed him and hug him tight. I didn't cry cause I know the cat angels will be there for him. And my beloved cats who died when I was growing up will be there for my cat Kaji.

But its very difficult cause I felt lonely like something is missing. So the day after, I was sent to the hospital cause my health worsen. I don't have an appetite to eat. i couldn't sleep. I also stopped joining giveaways and didn't care anymore. I mourned. I cried. I miss my cat "Kaji". But I know my cat doesn't want to see me like this.

So now, Im slowly helping myself to recover. I take my medicines and vitamins for my health. I also tried entering again the giveaway. And I always talk to my cat "Kaji" in my mind. I know he's a cat angel and will always be there to watch and guide me.

I always and will always love you my beloved cat "Kaji" ♥

Thanks for everything.
I love you so much ♥.

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