Sunday, May 19, 2013

On fishing fishing

When I was young, I saw this different kinds of lures at my dad's bag.. Small fishy stuff with hooks on it. Sometimes its like a squid or a worm. But I haven't seen his fishing rod...

Just this year 2013, my boyfriend asked me about fishing rods, lures and fishing gears. I was surprised cause I didn't expect that he likes fishing. So I asked him since when he liked fishing, he said since he was small and he was also surprised when I talked about different kinds of lures, the use of it and the fishing rods. He also said he joined a group called "Anglers".

My boyfriend together with his office mate enjoyed fishing on weekends.

I support him cause I know he's happy. And I'm thankful that he supports my hobbies too.

A few of his lures...

He caught three fishes.

He cooked it..So yummy..

I hope next time I can do fishing with him... I just couldn't find my dad's fishing rod..

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