Monday, May 27, 2013

Ellefar Multi Cheek Professional Make-up Artists

Bought a blush makeup at Saizen-Ali Mall. I dont usually buy cheap makeup cause it might irritate my skin. But when I saw the different kinds of blushes, I just picked it up and bought it. I chose the pink shade of it. Which at that time I was confused cause I dont know what shade to buy. Should I buy the pink blush which shade is much lighter than my skin or the orange blush which shade is darker than my skin. So I bought the pink blush..

When the cover is open.

When I used it, I was very surprised because it really suits my skin. Its just like I have a naturally rosy cheeks. And it glows on my skin. It is very pigmented. It has a shimmer effect. I love it.

 My first impressions:

1. Its cheap.
2. It shimmers on my skin.
3. It stays longer than I expected.
4. It brightens my skin.
5. It doesn't irritate my skin.
6. It is very pigmented.

I would definitely buy it again.

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