Saturday, December 29, 2012

Affordable Gift for Christmas

My mom and I went to Daiso-St. Francis Square. It is a store with cheap goods. A japanese store which sell  affordable makeup, organizer, or anything that can be used at home for only Php 66.00 or Php 88.00.

I bought a three layered drawer. You can use it to store your makeup or stuff that you want. I bought this for a gift Php 88.00.

Bought a teapot with drainer on it. You can use it when you want to drink calamansi juice, or fresh orange juice. It will separate the seeds on it. Php 88.00.

I also bought a headphone foam. 3 pairs for Php 66.00. I have been looking for it since 10 years ago cause my 15 year old headphone's foam (which i treasure) got broken because its super old. I was so happy to see the foam from an unexpected store..So happy.

I also bought a small calculator, a scatch tape dispenser for only Php 66.00.

So that is the few stuff i bought from Daiso. I will definitely go back.. i love that store :).

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