Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LA Girl Mineral Eyeshadow

Now that I'm seriously loving makeup. I decided to buy LA Girl Eyeshadow.

Im not really a fan of eyeshadows because I always think that as a chinky-eyed girl the eyeshadow will just hide underneath my crease plus I dont even own a primer.

As I was walking to the Elf cosmetics, the slaeslady from LA Girl approached me and did my makeup. I fell inlove with the color of LA Girl's eyeshadow. The saleslady taught me how to contour and the proper application on my crease area. The color is nice.

You can use it at school or in the office because the color is neutral and simple. And it really stands out. Its also a  mineral eyeshadow. Check it out cause they're on sale when I bought mine.

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