Monday, December 3, 2012

Saizen-Ali Mall

Last November 26, 2012, I went to Ali Mall and I saw Saizen. I was amazed because I saw different kinds of makeup. Where I could'nt find in other Saizen branches. I even saw a small t-shirt for dogs Php 88.00 and tools for gardening. So I bought round cottons Php 66.00, eyeshadow palette which is Php 88.00 and a blush Php 88.00.

This is the first time that I bought a cheap eyeshadow palette and a blush. But before I bought the makeup, I searched first if it is okay to try them or I'll just regret it. But as I read the feedback about the makeup, they said it is good and very pigmented. they even compared it to UK makeup.

Now, Im using the blush and it really is good in the cheeks and also the eyeshadow palette. My mom even used it in her Christmas party. Cause the glittery effect is good especially at night time.

I would definitely recommend this especially if you are in a tight budget or just starting discovering makeup. I will still buy the other eyeshadow palette and other makeup maybe soon.

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