Sunday, June 2, 2013

IN2IT Ultimo Lipstick

It was introduced to me by my office mate. Being a late bloomer (who just started loving makeup since last year) I havent heard of the product actually because I was never interested on makeup. So my office mate showed her IN2IT - Ultimo lipstick which she bought. And at that moment I fell in love with the shade of it and the container was very pretty. Very girly. I love color pink.

So I hurriedly went to the mall to buy one. I went to SM Megamall but IN2IT Ultimo is currently out of stock. Then I went to Landmark, it was out of stock also. Then I went to SM North, Thank god! they have the last stock of it. The shade is very pigmented. The color is between pinkish- orangy -nude. It has a moisture effect on the lips.

Now Im planning to buy another IN2IT Ultimo Lipstick.

My first impressions:

1. Very pigmented
2. It has a moisture effect
3. The lipstick container is pretty
4. Love the color pink
5. It is cheap

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