Monday, June 10, 2013

My first BDJ encounter

I recently received my BDJ Journal which I had won when I registered on their website. 

Been always fascinated by the design of the BDJ Planner and that really attracted me register to them. Because it is really helpful for the students, workers and other girls who wants to be organized on their everyday schedule. Also, what I love about BDJ Planner is the coupon attached on the planner itself. It has many varieties to try on. From girly girl to sporty girl type. A combination of coupons to try. And what I love about BDJ is the promo they have on their website. The contest they have for their subscribers. It is very helpful for us because they teaches us and gives us tips on life, work, our personality development and also on travelling. That's why Im always excited to look after the new stuff they're going to teach us and new stuff to try. 

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  1. Good day! Just letting you know that I nominated you in my Liebster Award post. :) Please do check it out, thanks!