Saturday, June 22, 2013

my strip tease music

I always been a fan of burlesque, pin up girls and strip tease..I know strip tease and burlesque are somewhat similar. I love how confident they are whenever they do those dance routines and music. While some of those music are just instrumental like jazz music.

As I have watched Dita Von Teese doing burlesque and strip tease I have observed how professional she was when she did burlesque. I love the way she put her makeup. Her makeup that really stands out whenever she performs. Also, her facial expressions. And her skin. Though she is 41 years old already. It made me inspired to take care of my skin and my body too.

Because I really am motivated to know more about burlesque/strip tease, I started searching about the music. And I have searched about the CD called Take It Off-Strip Tease Classic. It is an instrumental music during 1960's and has a 22 songs. I love all those music because you can just listen to it whenever you're tired from work or whenever you're at your room doing something and it is just your background music.

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